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William Howard Taft Birthplace in Cincinnati, Ohio

Alphonso and Louisa Maria Taft lived in Mount Auburn, just a mile from downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.  The couple lived in a Greek Revival house where William Howard Taft was born on Sept. 15, 1857.  William lived at the house until entering Yale University in 1874.  The house was sold in 1899, and later restored with the aid of the William Howard Taft Memorial Association, who transferred the property to the National Park Service in 1969.  The National Park Service operates the property as the William Howard Taft National Historic Site, which became a national historic landmark in 1964.

An overview of the Greek Revival-style Taft residence.
A closeup of the residence that served as home of the Taft family from 1852 to 1899.
The room where William Howard Taft was born.

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