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William Henry Harrison Burial Place in North Bend, Ohio

It is commonly believed that due to not wearing a heavy coat during his inauguration despite poor weather that William Henry Harrison contracted pneumonia and died nearly a month after he took office.  A contemporary analysis of the doctor’s notes and records about the White House water supply lead to the conclusion that Harrison died from septic shock due to enteric fever.  Regardless of the cause of death, Harrison died just after midnight on April 4, 1841.

Following a brief internment at Congressional Cemetery in Washington, D.C., Harrison was buried on his estate in North Bend, Ohio.  The family chose a spot at the crest of Mount Nebo, which became William Henry Harrison Tomb State Memorial.  The site contains his grave, his wife Anna, and several other members of the Harrison family.

View of William Henry Harrison Tomb State Memorial from the road.
Stairs to the tomb entrance.
The Harrison family crypt.
Graves of William Henry and Anna Harrison, and their son John Scott.

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