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Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace in New York, N.Y.

In a row house on East 20th Street in downtown New York City, Theodore Sr. and Martha Bulloch Roosevelt welcomed their second child Theodore Jr. on Oct. 27, 1858.  The family lived in the house until 1872 when they moved to West 57th Street because the neighborhood became more commercial.  In 1916, the original building was demolished to accommodate retail space.  The Women’s Roosevelt Memorial Association rebuilt the Victorian brownstone in 1923 using the neighboring building as a model.  The rededicated house contains main furnishings from the original house donated by family members.  The organization donated the property to the National Park Service in 1963, which dedicated the property as Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site in 1966.

A recreated brownstone stands at 28 East 20th Street in place of the original house where Roosevelt was born.
A recreation of the bedroom where Roosevelt was born.
A recreation of the nursery.

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