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    hotel review,  Japan

    My experience at Hotel Matsumoto Yorozuya

    For a recent trip to Matsumoto, my wife and I wanted a hotel with Western-style rooms close to the train station and the city’s popular tourist attractions.  Hotel Matsumoto Yorozuya is about five minutes from Matsumoto Station, but also has a parking lot.  It is 12 minutes from the city’s main attraction, Matsumoto Castle, and a five-minute walk to either popular shopping street (Nawate or Nakamachi) in town.  Additionally, the hotel is five minutes from Honmachi Street, which has several restaurants. Double room Traveling with my wife, we chose a double room.  Like many hotel rooms in Japan, the 15-square-meter room (approximately 160-square-feet) is the epitome of form following function. …