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    Exploring Little Rock’s Locally Labeled craft beer scene

    As microbreweries continue to grow across the country, craft beer has blossomed in parts of the United States that people don’t usually associate with beer.  Central Arkansas is one of those places.  To help promote its growing craft beer scene, Little Rock has the Locally Labeled Passport.  So next time you’re in the Greater Little Rock area, you need to pick it up to help you explore the region’s craft breweries, brewpubs, wineries, and distillery. Although the program focuses on breweries, there are two wineries and a distillery are also part of the program.  The inclusion of wineries and a distillery really sets the program apart from others that focus…

  • Exterior of a building with cream-colored bricks and a circular sign on the right that says "Lost Forty Brewing."
    Arkansas,  craft beer

    A pint at Lost Forty Brewing in Little Rock, Ark.

    Perhaps the best-known brewery in Little Rock is Lost Forty Brewing.  When talking with local people about what brewery to visit in town, the two strongest recommendations I received were to visit Lost Forty.  In addition, a recent MSN.com article ranked it the top brewery in the state people are talking about based upon a survey of information on Foursquare.  I should add that the recommendations I received about visiting Lost Forty focused on its Sunday Brunch, so my wife Katie and I adjusted our schedule to be sure that we stopped there before heading out of town. The brewery opens at 10 a.m. for Sunday brunch, which seems quite early…

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    A pint at Rebel Kettle Brewing in Little Rock, Ark.

    If you combine a rock ‘n’ roll attitude and craft beer you get Rebel Kettle Brewing Company.  Or at least that’s what I feel like you get with the Rebel Kettle logo.  The brewery is a slightly different story, but it is still a place that is amped-up.  You get the amped-up feeling just walking up to the brewery as its logo is prominently displayed when entering the building. I neglected to take a picture of the railing right as you enter the brewery, but it prominently features the company logo of a skeleton wearing a leather jacket with a flowing head of hair and hoisting a pint of beer.…

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    A pint at Stone’s Throw Brewing in Little Rock, Ark.

    Like many craft breweries across the country, Stone’s Throw Brewing started because a group of homebrewers decided to live out their dream of starting a brewery.  These four guys (Theron, Brad, Shawn, and Ian) met through Central Arkansas Fermenters and started a Kickstarter campaign in April 2013 with the goal of opening a taproom.  The brewery and taproom dreams became reality in July of that year. The brewery sits on the southern edge of downtown abutting MacArthur Park and the surrounding historic district. If you’re a history buff you may want to check out the birthplace of General Douglas MacArthur, which has been converted into MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military…

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    A pint at Blue Canoe Brewing in Little Rock, Ark.

    Despite not being known for its craft beer scene, Little Rock, Ark., has four craft breweries in downtown.  The first one my wife (Katie) and I visited on our summer road trip from Alabama to Oklahoma was Blue Canoe Brewing Company.  We opted to start our beer adventure in town at Blue Canoe because based upon our Internet browsing we liked the food menu there the best.  That’s not to say the other food menus are bad; just that we were more tempted by the items on Blue Canoe’s menu than what the other breweries offered. Due to its downtown location Blue Canoe does not have a dedicated parking lot,…

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    Bill Clinton Library in Little Rock, Ark.

    After being elected to five terms as governor of Arkansas, it was a natural choice for Bill Clinton to select Little Rock as the site of his presidential library.  The building extends over the Arkansas River reflecting Clinton’s campaign promise of “building a bridge to the 21st century.”  The building was dedicated on Nov. 18, 2004, and contains three stories of exhibits. “Oval Office” exhibit is a replica of the office during Clinton’s presidency. The “People’s Gifts” exhibit features a wide variety of gifts given to the Clinton family from 1993 to 2001.