• Overview of a bar at a brewery with a white text box in the center that says, "A pint at Twisted Barley Brewing § Jasper, Alabama."
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    A pint at Twisted Barley Brewing in Jasper, Alabama

    The story of Twisted Barley Brewing in Jasper, Alabama, means a lot to several people.  However, it may be most important to the city itself as Mason Boren opened the first brewery in his hometown and has been credited with helping revitalize the city’s downtown. Brewery’s history As a 21-year-old, co-owner Mason Boren Googled “how to make beer.” After taking his homebrew to parties and using his Uncle Jim’s equipment, he joined the Tuscaloosa homebrewers club.  Eventually, Boren and his wife Courtney sought advice from the Alabama Small Business Development Center at the University of North Alabama to create a business plan.  Ultimately, the couple sold virtually everything and moved…