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    Reflecting on Flagship February

    A month has come and gone since the start of a grassroots movement in the American craft beer industry.  At the beginning of the new year, esteemed craft beer writers Stephen Beaumont and Jay Brooks plus others spawned the idea of Flagship February as a way for craft beer drinkers to support the beers that built the industry.  As I read news articles about the declining sales of flagship beers, and Beaumont’s off-the-cuff remark about having a month to support these beers I contemplated how I could support this movement.  As an American living in Japan, I decided to partake on a weekly basis by having a different flagship beer…

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    Celebrating American craft beer with Flagship February

    How and why do you start a movement?  For some people it’s the desire to preserve something they care about and sharing that concern on social media.  That’s not exactly how “Flagship February” began, but it’s a good synopsis about this brewing movement in American craft beer. The more detailed story starts with an article about the declining sales of flagship beers (the beers that helped establish a craft brewery).  In response to the steady drop in sales of these beers, esteemed beer scribe Stephen Beaumont proposed a month to promote these brews. How about, in the spirit of alliteration, how about we make next month Flagship February!?! The focus would…