• An exterior view of the Tokyo Dome with text reading "My day with the Yomiuri Giants" across it.
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    My day with the Yomiuri Giants – May 25, 2019

    When it comes to professional baseball in Japan most people know one team: the Yomiuri (Tokyo) Giants.  In Japan the saying goes that there are two types of baseball fans; those who root for the Giants and those who root against them.  So when I recently got to attend a Yomiuri Giants game at the Tokyo Dome I was excited to see the country’s most famous and most vilified team play. Arriving at the ballpark The majority of fans arrive at Tokyo Dome via local trains or subways at Suidōbashi Station, which is a five-minute walk to the stadium.  The Tokyo Dome is part of a much larger entertainment complex…

  • A map of Indiana and Ohio with text overlaying that says "Midwest Baseball Road Trip" that includes logos for the Columbus Clippers, Dayton Dragons, and Indianapolis Indians.
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    Midwest baseball road trip preview

    Summer travel is in full swing and I am back in the United States for the next two months.  So that means time for an old-fashioned baseball road trip.  After a full week working in Cincinnati, Ohio, I will embark on a Midwest baseball road trip.  Trip plans are focused on visiting new baseball stadiums, but I will be doing some other sightseeing, too.  Most importantly I will visit two new ballparks.  Without further ado here are the plans for my Midwest baseball road trip. Baseball games The trip is built around visiting new ballparks close to Cincinnati.  As I made a swing through Kentucky last summer, I am heading…

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    A pint at Listermann Brewing in Cincinnati, Ohio

    The craft beer industry is full of stories of homebrewers who opened their own commercial brewery.  Listermann Brewing Company in Cincinnati takes a unique twist on the homebrewer turned commercial brewer.  The history of Listermann Brewing closely mirrors that of craft beer in Cincinnati with each growing year by year to reach their current stature. Brewery’s history In 1991, after several years of homebrewing Dan Listermann officially started a small manufacturing company that produced homebrewing equipment.  Listermann continued his day job as a quality engineer, and with his wife Sue’s encouragement they rented out space at the Hamilton County Business Development Center.  Fast forward four years, Dan had quit his…

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    A pint at Rhinegeist Brewery in Cincinnati, Ohio

    Cincinnati, Ohio, was once a city well-known for its beer.  With a large German immigrant population, the city boasted over thirty breweries by 1860.  However, Prohibition in the early-1900s led to several breweries closing.  The explosion of craft beer in the United States since 2000 has led to the city boasting more breweries now.  Rhinegeist Brewery was not the first craft brewery in town, but may be one of the city’s best known brands with its easily recognizable ghost skeleton logo. Brewery’s history The short version of Rhinegeist’s history is that the brewery opened in a former Christian Moerlein Brewing Company building in 2013.  However, the tale is much longer…

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    Reflecting on Flagship February

    A month has come and gone since the start of a grassroots movement in the American craft beer industry.  At the beginning of the new year, esteemed craft beer writers Stephen Beaumont and Jay Brooks plus others spawned the idea of Flagship February as a way for craft beer drinkers to support the beers that built the industry.  As I read news articles about the declining sales of flagship beers, and Beaumont’s off-the-cuff remark about having a month to support these beers I contemplated how I could support this movement.  As an American living in Japan, I decided to partake on a weekly basis by having a different flagship beer…

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    A guide to Civil Rights sights in Montgomery

    Many cities across the American South have connections to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s, but perhaps none more so than Montgomery, Ala.  There are several sights spread across the city, so visitors can choose to see as many or as few places as time permits. It is possible to spend several days diving into the sights around town or see the highlights in half a day.  So whether you are making a daytrip or spending a long-weekend in the city, here is a guide to the city’s Civil Rights sights. Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church (454 Dexter Ave.) Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has connections…

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    Celebrating American craft beer with Flagship February

    How and why do you start a movement?  For some people it’s the desire to preserve something they care about and sharing that concern on social media.  That’s not exactly how “Flagship February” began, but it’s a good synopsis about this brewing movement in American craft beer. The more detailed story starts with an article about the declining sales of flagship beers (the beers that helped establish a craft brewery).  In response to the steady drop in sales of these beers, esteemed beer scribe Stephen Beaumont proposed a month to promote these brews. How about, in the spirit of alliteration, how about we make next month Flagship February!?! The focus would…

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    Top baseball destinations in 2019

    Are you a baseball fan and still trying to decide what trips to take in 2019?  With the help of some esteemed writers I have compiled a list of baseball destinations to visit in 2019.  The roundup includes teams with wacky names, an exhibit at a highly-rated zoo, and an international locale that may bust your budget. Read through to see Steven On The Move’s top baseball destinations in 2019.  What other places would you add?  Share your ideas in the comments section below. Colorado Springs, Colorado (Debut of Rocky Mountain Vibes) Minor League baseball team names and logos have grown increasingly wacky over the last 20 years.  The trend…

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    Drinking Coca-Cola Peach for the first time

    A lot of major global brands release products that are only available in Japan.  Whether it’s a Full Moon burger from McDonald’s or a roasted sesame Frappucino from Starbucks, there is a variety of food products that are only available in Japan.  A few weeks ago Coca-Cola released Coca-Cola Peach, which actually debuted last year.  However, Coca-Cola Peach is a seasonal product, so it did not return to shelves until recently. I have tried a lot of products that are only available in Japan, but I wasn’t sure about trying Coca-Cola Peach until I conducted a poll on Instagram (follow me there).  The overwhelming response from followers was to try the…

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    Revealing my 2019 ballpark resolutions

    The new year leads many people to make resolutions to better themselves by losing weight or spending less or quitting bad habits or a host of other goals.  I believe in resolutions, but prefer to focus on travel goals at the beginning of the new year.  Since 2014, I’ve posted my ballpark travel resolutions on Twitter at the start of the year.  So here are my New Year’s ballpark resolutions for 2019… Resolution #1: In 2019, I resolve to see all three @TravelOregon #MiLB teams (@EugeneEmeralds, @HillsboroHops, & @SKVolcanoes) play at home. #PlayBall #NewYearsResolutions — Steven Ericson (@StevenOnTheMove) January 1, 2019 My wife Katie will be completing coursework for an…