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My night with the Los Angeles Angels – April 11, 2013

No matter how much planning goes into attending a baseball game, things often go awry.  That is a great way to describe my first opportunity to watch the Los Angeles Angels at home.  I was initially excited about attending a conference in Los Angeles because I hoped to attend a Dodgers game, but that flew out the window because they were out of town.  So I had to “settle” to seeing an Angels game, which isn’t really settling with my goal of see a baseball game at all thirty Major League Baseball stadiums.

I ultimately made peace with attending an Angels game, and looked forward to seeing a new ballpark.  I thought that my friend would have time to depart from our TV show taping to make it to the seven o’clock game on time.  Unfortunately I couldn’t have been more wrong.  The four of us attending the game ended up arriving around eight with the game in the 3rd inning.  So instead of capturing the iconic “Big A” and the exterior of the stadium with a setting sun, I had to settle for a few blurry shots outside the ballpark.

Main entrance to the ballpark.

Although I could not get a good photo of the “Big A,” I got a picture of the oversized hats outside the entrance.

Main entrance with one of the oversized hats.

After entering the stadium we headed straight to our seats.  After the hassle of getting to the ballpark, I wanted to be sure I got to watch the game.

Game action

With seats along the third base line, I had a great view of the scoreboard in right field and the California Spectacular batter’s eye in center field.

Due to my late arrival I did not get to explore the stadium as I usually would.  However, I managed to capture a few photos of the game.

Although I missed the game’s first pitch, I walked around to an opening behind home plate and captured an overview of the stadium.

Overview of the field from behind home plate in the upper deck.

Suds and grubs

I did not get to explore the stadium in search of unique food items because of my late arrival.  So I opted for the banal Angel Dog, and waited almost 10 minutes for the hot dog.  The service was among some of the slowest I have ever endured at a ballpark.  Fans in front of me in the line assured that they had received much quicker service during sold-out games.  So I’m not sure what caused the delays during the third game of the season, but I was certainly frustrated by the inferior service.

The drove of fans waiting in line to order food in the upper deck.

The food was OK, but not spectacular.  One of the most entertaining parts of my experience was hearing Angel fans complain about the team’s poor performance and watching many of them leave in the 7th inning.  It made me laugh because slugger Josh Hamilton, who signed with the team during the offseason, complained about fans in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex as not being true baseball fans.  So I wonder how he’d feel about the crowd flooding out of the stadium barely a week into the season.

Nightly recap

I hoped for a better experience at the ballpark, but left unimpressed and hoping for something more.  Maybe when I visit Southern California again I can arrive before the 3rd inning and explore more of the stadium.  Hopefully my next visit to Angel Stadium will leave me with a better taste in my mouth.

Final: Oakland 8, L.A. Angels 1
Box Score

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