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James K. Polk Burial Place in Nashville, Tenn.

James K. Polk was originally buried in Nashville City Cemetery because it is believed that he died from cholera, and health codes requiring those who died from infectious disease to be buried on the periphery of town.  Less than a year later, Polk was moved to a tomb at the house he and his wife Sarah had bought as a retirement property known as Polk Place.  Following Sarah’s death in 1891, she was buried next to him on the property.  In 1893, the couple was relocated to the Tennessee State Capitol.  Their tomb is on the northeast corner of the grounds.

The grave of James and Sarah Polk is on the grounds of the Tennessee State Capitol.
A section of the headstone details Polk’s numerous positions in public service.
Sarah Polk outlived her husband by forty-two years, and was buried next to him at Polk Place in Nashville.


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