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My experience at Hotel Matsumoto Yorozuya

For a recent trip to Matsumoto, my wife and I wanted a hotel with Western-style rooms close to the train station and the city’s popular tourist attractions.  Hotel Matsumoto Yorozuya is about five minutes from Matsumoto Station, but also has a parking lot.  It is 12 minutes from the city’s main attraction, Matsumoto Castle, and a five-minute walk to either popular shopping street (Nawate or Nakamachi) in town.  Additionally, the hotel is five minutes from Honmachi Street, which has several restaurants.

Double room

Traveling with my wife, we chose a double room.  Like many hotel rooms in Japan, the 15-square-meter room (approximately 160-square-feet) is the epitome of form following function.  However, there is sufficient space for a carry-on suitcase, which was brought to the room after arriving a few hours before check-in time.  The double bed is 140 cm wide by 195 cm long (approximately 55 inches by 77 inches).  The bed and pillows are typical of Japanese accommodations.

The bathroom is a case study in minimalism.  There is just enough space for a toilet, sink, bathtub/shower combination, and a very shallow countertop.  Despite very cramped quarters, the bathroom is functional, especially for shorter stays.


Hotel Matsumoto Yorozuya has a private parking lot with thirty spaces.  Parking is ¥700 per day (3 p.m. to 10 a.m.) with an extra charge of ¥50 for every 20 minutes after standard check-out time.  There is one wheelchair accessible parking spot available by the entrance.


The hotel has a laundromat on the second floor that costs ¥300 for the washing machine and ¥100 for a 30-minute dryer cycle.  There are also five bicycles available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Additionally, the Hotel Matsumoto Yorozuya offers a shampoo bar, which is in the lobby near the front desk.  The bar allows guests to fill small plastic containers to try different shampoos and conditioners.

Shampoo bar with multiple products on plastic pump bottles with small containers in background at Hotel Matsumoto Yorozuya.
Shampoo bar in the lobby.


Hotel Matsumoto Yorozuya has a complimentary breakfast buffet served in a dining hall on the second floor.  The dining hall has several tables and two countertops.  One countertop overlooks the Metoba River while the other has a view of the significantly less scenic hotel parking lot.

The buffet includes traditional Japanese cuisine and some Western items.  Due to safety precautions related to the current COVID-19 pandemic, food is individually wrapped in plastic.  In addition to rice and miso soup, there is mackerel and sausages.  The most noteworthy item is the prepackaged nattō, which are fermented soybeans.  Nattō is very pungent, but well-known for its health benefits (read more here). Coffee and juice are available from self-service machines.  There is also a small selection of baked goods like croissants, milk bread, and muffins.

Recapping the experience

Overall, Hotel Matsumoto Yorozuya is a very good budget-friendly option in Matsumoto.  The staff is friendly and accommodating, which included delivery of our suitcase to the room because we arrived before check-in time.  Additionally, the front desk staff speaks some English and uses pocket translators as necessary to navigate more complex conversations.  The hotel’s location is excellent for exploring Matsumoto.  It is close to the train station and walkable to most of the city’s top sights.  The farthest walk is 17 minutes to the Matsumoto City Art Museum.  The room is small, but sufficient for visitors focused on exploring the historic castle town.  The breakfast buffet has only a few Western options, but offers enough familiar items to satisfy picky eaters.

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