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George Washington Burial Place in Mount Vernon, Va.

The estate that is George Washington’s final resting place sits along the Potomac River near Alexandria, Va.  However, Washington did not purchase the property, but inherited it in 1754 and did not become the sole owner until 1761.  Mount Vernon is closely linked to Washington because it served as his country home for the majority of his life.  Following his death, the property fell into disrepair, but was saved from demolition when The Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association purchased the property in 1858 and eventually restored the mansion to its previous grandeur.  In 1960, the Palladian-style mansion became a National Historic Landmark.

Immediately following his death, Washington was interred on the property in a family tomb that be built after inheriting the property.  Following debate about moving his body to the capital city that bears his name, he was re-interred in a new tomb built on the property in 1837.

Visitors can participate in the hourly wreath laying ceremony at his tomb.  The event usually involved three to four individuals, so if you want to participate you should arrive about ten minutes before the hour to be able to partake in the wreath laying ceremony.

The Old Vault where George and Martha Washington and some family members were entombed.
Details of the tomb Washington wanted built were specified in his will.
The Washington family tomb with the American flag and Washington’s flag as General of the Armies.
Marker above the Washington family tomb.
Sarcophagi of Martha (left) and George Washington (right) with a wreath laid during an hourly ceremony.

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