Calvin Coolidge Burial Place in Plymouth Notch, Vt.

Following his departure from the presidency in 1929, Calvin Coolidge and his wife Grace retired to Northampton, Mass., where the couple lived before he became governor of Massachusetts in 1919.  He published his autobiography shortly after leaving office, and served on the board of several organizations.  The couple purchased a home known as “The Beeches,” where he died from a coronary thrombosis on Jan. 5, 1933.  He was buried with four generations of his ancestors in Plymouth Notch Cemetery in Vermont.

Calvin Coolidge is buried next to his wife Grace and son Calvin Jr.
Coolidge’s headstone makes no reference to his political career except for the presidential seal at the top of the marker.

Calvin Coolidge Birthplace in Plymouth Notch, Vt.

John Coolidge Sr. was born and raised in Plymouth Notch, Vt., and operated the town store when his wife Victoria gave birth to their first child.  Born on July 4, 1872, John Calvin Coolidge Jr. was the first president to be born on the Fourth of July.  The future president lived at the family homestead until he was fifteen and left to be educated at Black River Academy in Ludlow, Vt.

The Coolidge family operated the town’s general store, and lived in a small cabin behind it.
Calvin Coolidge was born in the family’s cabin behind the general store.