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    Revealing my 2021 ballpark travel resolutions

    Each year people make resolutions, typically to better themselves and their lives.  Self-improvement goals are great, but I prefer to make resolutions related to traveling. Specifically, I make ballpark travel resolutions, as I continue my quest to see more places by visiting baseball stadiums.  Without further ado, here are my 2021 ballpark travel resolutions. Resolution #1: In 2021, I resolve to see all five @NPB teams in Greater Tokyo (@Chiba_Lotte, @lions_official, @swallowspr, @TokyoGiants, and @ydb_yokohama) play at home. #PlayBall #NewYearsResolutions #GoTokyo #StevenExploresTokyo — Steven Ericson (@StevenOnTheMove) January 1, 2021 In 2019 and 2020, I resolved to see all of the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) teams in Greater Tokyo.  So far,…

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    Reviewing my 2020 ballpark travel resolutions

    As the final week of this no good, rotten year comes to a close, it is time to review my 2020 ballpark travel resolutions.  It is easy to surmise that I did not uphold my ballpark resolutions this year.  However, just because this past year has been dramatically different from any other in my life does not mean I am going to skip out on reviewing my resolutions.  Without further ado, let’s review my 2020 ballpark travel resolutions. Resolution #1: In 2020, I resolve to see all five @NPB teams in Greater Tokyo (@Chiba_Lotte, @lions_official, @swallowspr, @TokyoGiants, and @ydb_yokohama) play at home. #PlayBall #NewYearsResolutions #GoTokyo #StevenExploresTokyo — Steven Ericson (@StevenOnTheMove)…

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    Revealing my 2020 ballpark resolutions

    The new year means time to make resolutions to better yourself.  For a lot of people that means a vow to lose weight, quit smoking, or some other self-improvement objective.  Those are all admirable goals, but I prefer to focus on traveling in the new year.  Specifically, I like to set goals to visit new ballparks.  Without further ado, here are my 2020 ballpark resolutions. Resolution #1: In 2020, I resolve to see all five @NPB teams in Greater Tokyo (@Chiba_Lotte, @lions_official, @swallowspr, @TokyoGiants, and @ydb_yokohama) play at home. #PlayBall #NewYearsResolutions #GoTokyo #StevenExploresTokyo — Steven Ericson (@StevenOnTheMove) January 1, 2020 I made this resolution last year as well (read last…

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    Reviewing my 2019 ballpark resolutions

    For several years now I have made New Year’s resolutions to visit ballparks in the coming year.  Most of my goals are to visit new Minor League Baseball stadiums, but my resolutions are not exclusive to MiLB parks.  Each year I review my resolutions and assess how successful I was in fulfilling them.  So, here’s how I did with my 2019 ballpark travel resolutions. Resolution #1: In 2019, I resolve to see all three @TravelOregon #MiLB teams (@EugeneEmeralds, @HillsboroHops, & @SKVolcanoes) play at home. #PlayBall #NewYearsResolutions — Steven Ericson (@StevenOnTheMove) January 1, 2019 Last year my wife Katie started a program for an additional certification related to her job.  Part…

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    Reviewing Japanese fall beers

    Seasonal beers are found throughout the world.  For example, Märzen (a.k.a. Oktoberfest) beers were traditionally brewed in March for consumption in September.  Japan has numerous seasonal festivals and breweries have capitalized by creating fall beers.  Japan’s big four (Asahi, Kirin, Sapporo, and Suntory) breweries release autumn beers, which are available from late-August into October.  The packaging evokes fall with red, orange, and yellow colors and images of falling leaves on the cans.  If you’re visiting Japan during this time of the year it is a great opportunity to try beers that are notably different.  Now onto sampling Japanese fall beers. Asahi Kurenai (紅) is Asahi’s fall beer.  Although 紅 translates…

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    Pacific Northwest baseball road trip preview

    With my wife Katie enrolled in a graduate certificate program, we knew that our summer travels would take us to the Pacific Northwest.  Naturally this meant I got to plan a Pacific Northwest baseball road trip!  Katie will spend a month in Portland, Oregon, before I meet her there.  We will spend a week together in Portland before traveling to Seattle, Washington.  In Seattle, we will work together at a sports camp, and she will do more work to complete her certification.  So our Pacific Northwest baseball road trip will span two states and four weeks. Baseball games Our travels in Oregon and Washington are built around my wife’s academic/work…

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    Midwest baseball road trip preview

    Summer travel is in full swing and I am back in the United States for the next two months.  So that means time for an old-fashioned baseball road trip.  After a full week working in Cincinnati, Ohio, I will embark on a Midwest baseball road trip.  Trip plans are focused on visiting new baseball stadiums, but I will be doing some other sightseeing, too.  Most importantly I will visit two new ballparks.  Without further ado here are the plans for my Midwest baseball road trip. Baseball games The trip is built around visiting new ballparks close to Cincinnati.  As I made a swing through Kentucky last summer, I am heading…

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    A guide to Civil Rights sights in Montgomery

    Many cities across the American South have connections to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s, but perhaps none more so than Montgomery, Ala.  There are several sights spread across the city, so visitors can choose to see as many or as few places as time permits. It is possible to spend several days diving into the sights around town or see the highlights in half a day.  So whether you are making a daytrip or spending a long-weekend in the city, here is a guide to the city’s Civil Rights sights. Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church (454 Dexter Ave.) Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has connections…

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    Top baseball destinations in 2019

    Are you a baseball fan and still trying to decide what trips to take in 2019?  With the help of some esteemed writers I have compiled a list of baseball destinations to visit in 2019.  The roundup includes teams with wacky names, an exhibit at a highly-rated zoo, and an international locale that may bust your budget. Read through to see Steven On The Move’s top baseball destinations in 2019.  What other places would you add?  Share your ideas in the comments section below. Colorado Springs, Colorado (Debut of Rocky Mountain Vibes) Minor League baseball team names and logos have grown increasingly wacky over the last 20 years.  The trend…

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    Revealing my 2019 ballpark resolutions

    The new year leads many people to make resolutions to better themselves by losing weight or spending less or quitting bad habits or a host of other goals.  I believe in resolutions, but prefer to focus on travel goals at the beginning of the new year.  Since 2014, I’ve posted my ballpark travel resolutions on Twitter at the start of the year.  So here are my New Year’s ballpark resolutions for 2019… Resolution #1: In 2019, I resolve to see all three @TravelOregon #MiLB teams (@EugeneEmeralds, @HillsboroHops, & @SKVolcanoes) play at home. #PlayBall #NewYearsResolutions — Steven Ericson (@StevenOnTheMove) January 1, 2019 My wife Katie will be completing coursework for an…