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    Five great places for beer & bites in Cincinnati’s The Banks

    There is a lot to say about Cincinnati and its beer and culinary scene.  However, instead of trying to cover everything available across the city, let’s focus on the one area at a time.  One of the most visited areas in the city is The Banks, which sits between the city’s football and baseball stadiums. A brief history of the Banks Cincinnati has quietly been undergoing a revitalization.  It started in the early-2000s when the local football and baseball teams opened new stadiums.  The football stadium (Paul Brown Stadium) opened in 2000, and the baseball stadium (Great American Ball Park) opened in 2004.  However, it has been within the past…

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    Touring the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame & Museum

    For six years I have participated in the Advanced Placement (AP) Human Geography Reading in Cincinnati, Ohio, during the first week of June.  Each year, I attend a few Reds games (and blogged about last year’s visit to the park – read it here).  However, one thing I had not done until this year’s visit was tour the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum.  I didn’t plan on visiting it this year either, but when I saw that the museum was giving away a special Pete Rose bobblehead with admission during my first weekend in town I felt like I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. So following the Friday…

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    My night with the Cincinnati Reds – June 3, 2016

    Since 2011, I have participated in the AP Human Geography Reading in Cincinnati, Ohio, which means I have gone to a number of Cincinnati Reds games – specifically 11 games over the last five years after this visit.  However, I did not post about my first visit to Great American Ball Park, but after starting this blog I wrote about my visit in 2012 while combining it with my visit to a Dayton Dragons game (read it here). As I’ve grown my blog and the stadium underwent renovations in preparation for the 2015 MLB All-Star Game, I decided that I should write a more complete entry about the stadium.  So…

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    William Henry Harrison Burial Place in North Bend, Ohio

    It is commonly believed that due to not wearing a heavy coat during his inauguration despite poor weather that William Henry Harrison contracted pneumonia and died nearly a month after he took office.  A contemporary analysis of the doctor’s notes and records about the White House water supply lead to the conclusion that Harrison died from septic shock due to enteric fever.  Regardless of the cause of death, Harrison died just after midnight on April 4, 1841. Following a brief internment at Congressional Cemetery in Washington, D.C., Harrison was buried on his estate in North Bend, Ohio.  The family chose a spot at the crest of Mount Nebo, which became William…

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    William Howard Taft Birthplace in Cincinnati, Ohio

    Alphonso and Louisa Maria Taft lived in Mount Auburn, just a mile from downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.  The couple lived in a Greek Revival house where William Howard Taft was born on Sept. 15, 1857.  William lived at the house until entering Yale University in 1874.  The house was sold in 1899, and later restored with the aid of the William Howard Taft Memorial Association, who transferred the property to the National Park Service in 1969.  The National Park Service operates the property as the William Howard Taft National Historic Site, which became a national historic landmark in 1964.

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    Benjamin Harrison Birthplace in North Bend, Ohio

    On the estate of William Henry Harrison in North Bend, Ohio, the second son of John Scott and Elizabeth Harrison was born on Aug. 20, 1833.  Benjamin Harrison was born in “The Big House” on his grandfather’s estate.  The house later burned down, but was located at the intersection of Symmes and Washington avenues.  A historic marker commemorates Harrison’s birthplace.

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    Ulysses S. Grant Birthplace in Point Pleasant, Ohio

    Jesse Root Grant moved to Point Pleasant, Ohio, after finding work in the township as a tanner.  Shortly after moving to the small borough, he met and married Hannah Simpson, and the coupled settled in Point Pleasant.  On April 27, 1822, the couple welcomes their first child.  The boy was unnamed for a few weeks before his name was chosen at a gathering of the Grant and Simpson families.  The chosen name was Ulysses, but Jesse wanted to honor his father-in-law and declared that the child would be named Hiram Ulysses Grant.  However, most people in the family called the child Ulysses.  He became known as Ulysses S. Grant upon…