presidents,  Tennessee

Andrew Jackson Burial Place in Nashville, Tenn.

Andrew Jackson purchased over 400 acres east of Nashville in 1804.  He and his wife Rachel lived on the property in a log cabin until 1821 when a Federal-style mansion was built on the property.  Following a chimney fire that severely damaged the structure in 1834, Jackson ordered the construction of a new Greek Revival building on the original mansion’s foundation.  The Greek Revival structure was completed in 1836, and was home to the Jacksons until both of their deaths.

Following two election cycles of vicious personal attacks, Rachel died on Dec. 22, 1828.  She was buried in a small family cemetery at The Hermitage.  Following his departure from the presidency in 1837, Andrew returned to the plantation and stayed involved in national politics until his death in 1845.

Main entrance to The Hermitage.
An overview of the family cemetery on the grounds of The Hermitage.
The tomb of Andrew and Rachel Jackson.
Plaque in front of Andrew and Rachel Jackson’s graves.


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