An ideal night out during Tuscaloosa’s D.A.T.E. Week

There are a lot of days associated with romance throughout the year.  In the Midwest, people celebrate Sweetest Day, which is a fall version of Valentine’s Day.  July 6 is International Kissing Day.  In fact, there are a number of news stories dedicated to lists of romantic days besides Valentine’s Day.

In honor of celebrating love throughout the year, Tuscaloosa is celebrating D.A.T.E. Week (January 22-26).  The acronym stands for diamonds, arrangements, taste, and entertainment.  Local merchants are offering a variety of discounts on jewelry, flowers, dining, and entertainment.  See the full list of discounts and activities here.

For couples with kids, there are two options for babysitting if you don’t already have a reliable babysitter.  Wyndy is a mobile app that offers babysitting services by local college students.  You can get $10 off the night’s service by forwarding your receipt to  If you prefer a more traditional option, the YMCA of Tuscaloosa is hosting Kid’s Night Out on Monday through Thursday from 5 to 8 p.m., and on Friday from 5 to 9 p.m.

Every couple has a different idea of an ideal date, but here is my ideal date that I’ll be treating my wife Katie to this week.

Diamonds aren’t Always a Girl’s Best Friend

Many people appreciate and enjoy jewelry, especially diamonds.  Hudson-Poole Fine Jewelers is offering a 10 percent discount for purchases this week.  I will not be taking advantage of the discount because my wife is a minimalist when it comes to jewelry.  However, I always a supporter of expressing love to your partner with gifts at non-traditional times.  So if your wife enjoys jewelry this is a great time to surprise her with an unexpected gift.

Fragrant Flowers

One of the gifts I enjoy giving my wife are flowers.  They are simple and it’s always a gesture she appreciates.  Pat’s Florists & Gourmet Baskets is offering a 15 percent discount this week and Tuscaloosa Flower Shoppe has a 20 percent discount.  So I will be placing an order on a bouquet that I’ll pick up on the way home that evening.

Happy Hour Drinks

There are a LOT of great places in Tuscaloosa to get drinks before dinner, and I could probably write an entire post about all the amazing places in town.  However, one of our favorite places to enjoy drinks is Alcove International Tavern because it has a great craft beer selection, but also has a full-service bar with liquor and wine.  During D.A.T.E. Week, the Alcove will be offering a $6 Aperol Spritz in addition to its usual happy hour specials.

The Main Course

With so many great restaurants participating in D.A.T.E. Week, people could go out each night and experience a different type of cuisine each night.  For Katie and I, we’ll wait to decide in the moment, but I expect we will end up dining at either The Avenue Pub, which has some outstanding American fare, or Chuck’s Fish, which has some of my favorite sushi in town and some excellent fresh fish.  The Avenue Pub is offering a special menu that customers must ask about at the restaurant.  Chuck’s Fish is giving customers 25 percent off an appetizer.

Hooray for Hollywood!

While many people rushed out on opening weekend to see “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” Katie and I have not yet seen the film.  So we’ll try to to see one of the later showings at the Cobb Theatres/Hollywood 16 Theatre & IMAX before wrapping up our evening with…

A Nightcap

It may be easiest to have dessert immediately following dinner, but I plan to take Katie to O’Henry’s Coffee to enjoy their special $2 Mexican hot chocolate.  Mexican hot chocolate usually includes cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, and a bit of cayenne pepper.  The cayenne may be too spicy for some people, but there are other coffee options available at Monarch Espresso Bar and UPerk.

The Recap

We’ll be starting the night out with happy hour drinks before dinner, watching a movie, and then concluding the date with a delectable nightcap.  Whether you follow my plan or make your own, I hope you get out and show your spouse a special night during D.A.T.E. Week in Tuscaloosa.  I’ll be sharing our evening out on Instagram later this week.

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