My photo has been published in a baseball book

Since I started this blog, I’ve begun to interact with a lot of other baseball bloggers.  I’ve referenced some of them in my posts like Craig Wieczorkiewicz (Twitter: @MWLtraveler) and Malcolm MacMillan (Twitter: @BallparkGuide), and most people know about’s Ben Hill (Twitter: @bensbiz).  In addition to interacting with these other bloggers, I’ve also made interacted and wrote about a baseball travel writer who has written numerous books about visiting Major League and Minor League stadiums: Josh Pahigian (Twitter: @joshpahigian).  You can find an inventory of all his books on here.

Last April, he contacted me about his latest project and asked if he could include a photo I took of a biscuit when I visited and blogged about my trip to see the Montgomery Biscuits in 2012 in the book (read about that visit here).  That book came to fruition this spring, so it felt appropriate to share that my blogging work has resulted in something I created appearing in print.

While I’m not making money off the publication, if you enjoy attending baseball games you should check out Pahigian’s The Amazing Baseball Adventure: Ballpark Wonders from the Bushes to the Show.  You can find it on here.

Book cover.

You can find my photo and Josh’s write-up about what makes eating a biscuit at Riverwalk Stadium in Montgomery, Ala., unique at #95 in his list.

My photo featured prominently next to a write-up about eating a biscuit.

I hope some seamheads enjoy the photo and write-up.  It is really cool to see my work picked up by another writer.

William Howard Taft Burial Place in Arlington, Va.

Following his defeat for re-election in 1912, William Howard Taft and sought the opportunity to practice law.  He ended up becoming the Kent Professor of Law and Legal History at Yale Law School.  Taft held the academic position until 1921 when he was appointed chief justice of the Supreme Court, which made him the first person to serve as both president and chief justice.  He served as chief justice until 1930 when he retired because of his poor health.  On March 8, 1930, Taft died from cardiovascular disease.  He was buried at Arlington National Cemetery, thus becoming a first president buried at the cemetery.

Noted sculptor James Earle Fraser designed the 50-foot granite monument at the graves of William Howard and Helen Herron Taft.
William Howard and Helen Herron Taft were the first president and first lady buried at Arlington National Cemetery.